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Between the Dying and the Dead

Between the dying and dead there is a line
a line so fine that only in your mind may you perceive it
to contort and distort and perhaps deceive it
and once you find this line, don’t ever lose it
because it is the key and I’ll show you how to use it

chase all the notions of the sad and depressed
out from under the covers of bed, and rest
it is now and it is never
it is always and it is when
for there is always time to look back and say I wish I had done that, then
**** that, open your arms and receive it
you’ve lived a long life and you’ve lived it well
so say so long now, and give em hell
and when your time comes remember this moment
remember the times when you said I own it
there is a secret between the dying and dead
and let me tell you this, its all in your head.