Okay, so I'm in need of some help here. I recently bought a Korg Chromatic tuner, and tuning my guitar with standard tuning is easy, however I was told that I could change the drop tuning as well, with this tuner, and I am unable to figure out how. I was just wondering if anyone out there could offer some help/advice. Much appreciated!
just tune to standard at a different fret. You probably have a cheap tuner like me that only picks up the notes of standard tuning. So if you for example wanted to play in drop C *CGCFAD*

you would tune the low E's 5th fret to E
then each of the other strings second fret to their standard tuning pitch
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So, I want to change it to drop Db/C# ...Would that be three half steps? So I would place my capo on fret three and tune from there?

& Colby, my tuner doesn't have that button.
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forcklift, if you know the fifth fret method, instead of playing the fifth fret of the E string, just play on the third fret tune the A to that note. From there, use the fifth fret on all the others, then match your low E with your high E.....thats how i half step tunings
So when drop tuning you don't change the tuning of all your strings, only certain ones, I assume? And how do you know which strings need to be changed the tuning of for which drops?
you need to learn some music theory before you go messing with drop tunings

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you need to learn some music theory before you go messing with drop tunings

As snotty as it sounds, it's true. If you don't know what drop tunings are or how to get to them, you'll get little from them. I'd recommend sticking with standard tuning for now.