FS/FT Peavey Windsor Amp head in Excellent conditon/Ibanez Jem7dbk Mint *FEELER*

Hey guys i decided to see whats out there as for cash offers and trades, im open to electric guitar and amp trade offers. I also have a ibanez jem7dbk steve vai 6 string guitar that i could also use to add to a trade to sweet things up if its an expensive amp/guitar, hehe.
As for the condition of the amp its in great condition jus a couple of nicks nothin too bad. Has no footswitch but those are easy to get and cheap. Pics upon request. As for the specs:
* 100W all-tube watts
* Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
* Four Ruby EL34 power amp tubes
* Single channel
* Footswitchable gain boost
* Three-band EQ
* Footswitchable effects loop
* Master Volume
* Patent-pending Class A-A/B Texture control
* Patented Resonance and Presence control
* High and low inputs

The ibanez jem7dbk is in mint condition. Check out the link:

Things i like in amps are: Guitars i like are:
Madison Esp
Krank Jackson
Laney Gibson
Peavey Dean(razorback v)
Marshall Ibanez(some)
Randall Anythin metal....
And others...

Pm me what ya got, or comment, pics are available upon request. Thanks!
Trivium Rocks!!!
i also got a bc rich jr v deluxe that i could throw in a trade for somethin nice.
Trivium Rocks!!!
comment me wat ya got bc my pms dont work for some weird reason.
Trivium Rocks!!!
just out of curiosity, would you be interested in a 1985 MIJ strat? got a couple pics in my profile

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