Hello fellow musicians, I just bought a telecaster 50's vibe and starting to play country music, I would like to know what to use for strings on this guitar and what size. The original strings gave it a twangy sound but i changed them to dean markly signature series and it seemed to lose its twang. So my ques is what type of strings should I use. Thank you for your time...
For a 25.5" scale guitar, a set of .09s or .10s is standard for E Standard tuning. If you're going to use open tunings, .09s are recommended. If you're going to use open tunings and slide however, .11s are recommended. Note that since Squier guitars are set up for .09 strings, if you switch to .11s you'll need to set the guitar up for them properly. If you switch to .10s, the difference isn't really enough to require much adjustment.

As far as brand goes, I would recommend any steel or titanium costed strings, with a steel core. Most strings use nickel-coated steel over tin-coated steel, which will dull the tone slightly. If you really want that country twang, you want nothing but steel, or perhaps steel with a titanium coating. I would really recommend Ernie Ball strings, either their Coated strings (titanium coated) or their Stainless Steel (nothing but steel around steel) ranges. I find other brands tend to coat their strings with all sorts of chemicals that make them a little smoother for the shredders out there, but it also dulls the tone. Ernie Ball strings aren't the most metal-friendly strings, but they are definitely the most country-friendly and a set lasts seemingly forever.
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