Hi, I'm just wondering what would be a good order to place my pedals so that they don't crackle or brake up.

I'd prefer decent cleans, with endless sustaining fuzz.

Here's my gear.

Epiphone Sheraton (It's a hollowbody with humbuckers)
Boss TU-2
Maxon OD808
Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz
MXR Micro amp

Into a Hotrodded Deville (Don't hate), usually.

When I'm practicing I use a 1 watt fender amp, though I doubt that matters, because it takes pedals horribly anyway.
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You'll be needing a noise gate methinks. I haev a hollowbody and any amount of fuzz makes it feedback a lot.

I was dreading that answer, but you're probably right, haha.

On another note, does anyone recommend using overdrive at the same time as a fuzz pedal?
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Search in Gibson's web page, they have a very good article about placing pedals in order

Thanks, checking that out now.
i do enjoy me some obscene allllmost out of control hollowbody feedback

i do my muff into my od. it can be useable or just extremely feedback-y depending how you set it. i think the overused addage "do whatever sounds best" applies full force here though when it comes to dirt pedal chains
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Thanks for both of the last two answers. I'm going to experiment now, along with what that guide said, haha.