Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a Fast Track Pro and got The MXL 990/991 pack of condensers at Guitar Center for really cheap. However, whenever I plug them in, I get no signal. I have the 48v of Phantom Power on, but I still get no signal. I was wondering if I need to buy the 9v ac adapter in order to power these microphones?

Could anyone help me out?
Maybe the phantom power on the FTP is bad. Any other place you can connect the mics to verify they're working?
I could maybe take them to one of my next shows. The red light comes on indicating the Phantom Power is on. I just don't get it...
you got the track your trying to record to record enabled? bout the only thing I can think of.
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can i assume that when you said you are getting no signal, that the green signal light on the front of the device isnt lighting up when you speak into the mic? if it is, then it is a connection issue or a software setup issue. if the light is not on, then it is a connection issue between the mic and interface. if you can narrow down where the issue is, it is easier to figure out what is wrong.
Yea go though the chain.

Plug in the interface and get the latest drivers from the m-audio website, not the CD.
Wire up the mics and power up the interface.
Make sure the phantom is off when wiring.
Also be sure the line/instrument switch is in the Line mode.
Lastly be sure to turn off the pads and turn up the gain.

If you have the signal lights lighting when you speak you know the interface is working as the signal is getting to it and so the next place to look is at the computer.

This unit can be bus powered but I suggest using the power adapter when running phantom as it will help with battery life on laptops and may actually be needed if running phantom on both channels.
Thanks for the replies I'll try it out again in just a second. I wasn't getting a green light on the interface at all, but I'll try in just a second and let you guys know.
Alright sorry this is late, I got food poisoning over the weekend and haven't had a chance to test this stuff out. I tried to find a 9v DC adapter for the FTP, but the one I found wouldn't fit. I tried to wire everything up again, but I still don't even get a green light signal.

When I plug the smaller mic into the 2nd line of the FTP, I get a green light if I wiggle the cable a little bit. This does not happen if I use the big condenser or even if I plug the smaller one into the first channel. This is really frustrating me. SM58s work perfectly with this, but I've tried 10 or so condensers and none of them have worked. Should I still go for the adapter?

Thanks in advance.
I would go with the power adapter....just to see if it's the interface that's damaged.
Be sure to get the proper adapter as one with too much power or a wrong polarity will damage the interface.