I have a question about stagg guitars. Someone in another thread said they were made from cast offs of cast offs. What does that mean? Are staggs really that bad?

Second, i'm thinkin about getting a second guitar to join my Fender Strat. The local music shop sells a lot of stagg guitars. If i buy a hollow body (what i want) and then do work on it will it be somewhat of a better guitar?

**I don't gig (a whole lot, i use my Strat when/if i do) or anything i just want to have a guitar i can experiment with without spending too much money. I only have about 250$ i can spare so a EpiDot or something like that is out of the question...
I said that iirc too...

Yes they are that bad, save up. Seriously.

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Most GC's will ship a used guitar for about $15 (some might charge tax....50/50 for me). If you are unsatisified you can return to your local GC and are only out the shipping.
The store I teach at sells Stagg guitars
they are awful
I've played worse (like nova or any chinese ebay guitar like that) but they are awful
alright, thanks. just checking my theory on them because when i did play it in the store a little bit ago, it didn't feel right to me...as in personal preference is not directed at Stagg's.
Don't buy a Stagg - definately not the best brand you could get for that amount of money
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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