Any opinions on this amp? Watched some videos and seems like a killer amp for the price, 100 watts of full tube for 1 grand? Sounds pretty awesome to me... just wondering if any of you guys have tried it and if there is any other amps you'd recommend for the same price. I've heard it but havent tried it myself. I'm in a hard rock/metal band and i'm sick of my boss gt-10, it's the most annoying thing on earth at high volumes it sounds like william shatner raping a pig.
I've heard good things. I'd also check out the Bugera 6262 and 333XL - those are both fantastic. They're all voiced very differently - the ATX resembles a Mesa Dual Rectifier, the 6262 is pretty much an IMPROVED clone of the Peavey 5150 II (by improved I mean it has a really nice low-mid punch that the peavey noticeably doesn't), and the 333XL sounds kind of like a Peavey JSX/XXX/3120 with a REALLY nice clean channel (you can't get it to dirty up no matter what you do). Also, if you're talking about 1 grand for the head alone, you can probably find an actual dual rec used for that price.
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I like the ATX played with a couple of them for at least an hour at a time and have to say very impressive. I was able to pull some VH tones out of it. It reminds me of a JCM 2000 on steroids
It is a really nice sounding amp. I have the 2x12 combo. The third channel can get a little noisey at higher gain.

The pros:
pretty damn good tone for under $1000
3 channels
really nice clean channel

The cons:
pretty cheap components
feels fragile
breaks easily
too loud

For the price its great, but keep in mind that its a really cheaply made amp and mine broke down a couple of times. The amp tech that I took it to, who is also an authorized B-52 repair tech, said that he sees these amps all the time breaking down for no apparent reason with little or no warning signs. Also, this amp is really loud, especially when your the only guitarist on stage, so my combo has rarely been above 11o'clock on the master volume. My band's music is not soft at all, Think Rage Against The Machine.

I won't be a hypocrite by saying stay away from this amp, but keep what i said in mind. It definitely did serve me well over a year of solid gigging (average 1-2 gigs a month), when it was functioning properly.
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Thanks guys i'll keep the breaking down thing in mind, if i really like the sound i'll risk it anyways, and i'lll definetley check out that Bugera