Hey guys! Im totally new to acoustic guitars . I bought one a few weeks ago after using a strat for 2 years and having a beat up First Act acoustic that I got for the purpose of drawing on for decoration . Anyways, could someone please help me out with a question? Is it normal to have a line that looks like a crack, but isn't really a crack, running down the middle of the guitar heel? I have one of those, and I took it to a store to have it evaluated and it's not a crack, they say it's just wood grain. Does anyone else have this? Thanks! And what kind of precautions do you all take to ensure that your precious investment is kept in good condition? I travel with my guitars around alot, and will no doubt be doing the same with this one too. This is a quality Fender guitar, despite me having paid 300 bucks for it . So does anyone have any answers to any of the questions I have asked above? Thank you everyone!
yes, this is normal. oftentimes the finish will crack without the wood actually cracking. some will say that a crack in the finish will affect the sound, i guarantee you will not be able to tell the difference being new to acoustic guitar. and if you CAN tell the difference, well, then you should have paid more than $300 for an acoustic