i have a guitar that i have been working on. it is similar to a schector solo 6 setup, two humbuckers, three way selctor switch, three knobs. i was playin it and the neck pickup jus died. the volume dropped to almost nothing, i can crank my amp as loud as it will go and the pickup will barley make any noise, the bridge pickup is fine. i bought a new pickup for the guitar and installd it thinking it might be a dead pickup, but the same thing happend with the new pickup. any ideas on wat might b causein this problem?
first, theres a rule against generic thread titles like this

second, theres a thread called the ultimate guitar wiring thread that should have some helpful information

and we also need more info on your set up..
the problem's ovbiously not your pickup, so could it be a pot? a part of the switch?
we can't really know without a bit more detail, man
3 way blade, or toggle, it could be the switch, or the pot, what are the 3 pots? Vol/Vol/Tone?


same thing happened to me....turned out the volume knob (pot) was grounded to the body...a slight adjustment n it was working like new again....