Hi and thanks in advance

When i play something like this for example:


I play A in low E string with my index finger then i press C with my pinky and AT THE SAME TAME i lift my index finger, i mean playing C and lifting my index finger in A happens at the same time... im doing it wrong? A guy told me that i should lift my indexx finger AFTER the next note is played. CAn someone help me with this?

sorry for my bad english lol
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that's just a pentatonic scale... generally when play a notes one after another, you play each note separately, so pick up the finger from the last note as soon as you play the next, but not before.
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as long as its not before and the note still rings out clearly you should be fine
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I just tried it though and I lift my index finger at the exact same time as I fret the next note.
Don't think about picking it up. Just relax the tension so the note doesn't sound yet you don't lift up. If you do that all the time, it will help you not only to have more efficient movements but also to have cleaner sounding playing.
Why lift your index finger? Not until it's needed for the next note.

I usually have my index finger as partial barre (or full barre) and it stays rested until it's time to move it.
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As tenfold said, you shouldn't be lifting your finger but relaxing it so the note doesn't sound anymore.

As soon as a finger has completed it's job, it should be moving to hover over the next note it is required to play. Of course that might not always be possible due to hand position, but is a general rule for efficient playing.
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