Thank you! But I personally wouldn't consider them to be exactly "Acoustic & Classical Guitar". I also believe most of their songs were drop c, not open c
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system of a down is drop c
way different

for open c
definitely check out john butler, most of his stuff is ---notoriously "the ocean" you can find on youtube
ben harpers got some too like whipping boy
all good songs
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A lot of old Devin Townsend stuff... but again, not exactly "Acoustic & Classical Guitar"
Im actually learning ocean right now, thats why I figured I would find some other good songs in c
John Butler Trio - he likes to play in open C tuning a lot - listen to Ocean, Funky Tonight etc. I am kinda hooked on it at the moment.
I believe most Ewan Dobson tunes are in open C. Good luck getting the technique down though!