Well I'm deciding whether to change my strings to EB Regular Slinkys (10's) or EB's Slinky Top Heavy Bottom on my Epiphone special II (currently has extra slinkys - .8s). I have my bridge's intonation set for the .8s but that's easy to change for both the 10's and the STHBs.

What i need help on is if I go with the STHBs do i have to mess with the truss rod?

Any advice would be nice.

EDIT: STHBs are .10-.52
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I have STHBs on my Epiphone SG Special, and i didn't need to change the truss rod. It'd probably play a bit better if I did adjust it, but its fine without any adjustment.
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Your truss rod should be pretty fine. You will have to adjust action and intonation however. Go for it, I've tried soooo many different strings over the years, and even now that I THINK I found "the ones" I still try new kinds now and then. Of course I only found my metal strings, can't wait to get a guitar for flatwounds or even an acoustic!
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Thanks a lot, the action and intonation are things i know how to adjust i just didn't want to mess with the truss rod