What kind of cable do recto amps use to connect to their footswitches? i checked out the back panel, and it looks like some weird altered midi jack. the reason i ask is because im looking at the tc electronics G system, which is a sound processor that's also capable of switching amp channels, and storing channels as a part of the effects preset. thing is, mesa's have a weird jack, one which isn't also on the back of the G system.

but, mostly, i just wanna figure out what the hell kind of cable they use for it. thanks.
Depends on which Recto you mean. Older 2 channel Dual/Triples, and Singles have 2 button footswitches with TRS (stereo) cables, but the newer ones have their own connector. It might be possible to rig up some 1/4" jacks to the end of the cable, but I'm not sure. The Mark series has external switching jacks made for what you want.
it is possible to make a cable that will work with the recto. i made one for my peavey xxx, which uses a 7 pin din connector. i use a g major and can switch channels using it.
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my Rectoverb has 1/4" jacks for external switching controls for Channel, Reverb, and Solo, doesn't your Dual?
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So, after posting this, I noticed that they all have mono 1/4" jacks for the switchable features, right next to the master footswitch jack. I also did some research and found that its some sort of DIN cable, which kind I don't know.

Inanez, what's the connection between your amp and g major? What jack are you using?