Hey All,

Over the next few months, I'll be grabbing a looper. My pal has the Origional Digitech Jamman and he loves it, and suggests that I get one as well. I've recently learned that Digitech has brought out the Jamman Solo and discontimued the older model. My buddy says to stick with the origional, but the new one seems pretty cool as well. I just wanted to know the Pros & Cons of both versions, and which one would be recommended for a Hobbyist like me. I understand that the Solo has no microphone imput. So no looping vocals? Or maybe there's still a way to do this. Help me out!

-Major Bludd
WtrPlyr, thanks for the clip. I already checked it out.

I guess what I'm asking is - Should I get the Jamman Solo or get an original off EBay? Which one has the better value?

-Major Bludd
Space isn't really an issue. I will keep it seperate from my Pedalboard.

Wondering what features the Standard Jamman has over the Solo. Is the Solo even woth it?

-Major Budd