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Are there ever times when you see something like a photo, video, or maybe hear something you did a few years ago and it just makes you cringe? Post 'em here.

I personally cringe when I see pictures of me when I was in 9th-11th grade. My hair was REALLY long (don't have anything against long hair, but with my face, it doesn't look good on me), and I wore oversized clothes (if I saw a shirt I liked and they didn't have my size, I bought whatever size was there).

Also, if I hear my classical guitar playing before I got more formally trained from a more academic teacher, it's really bad tone and shit, plus I tried stuff a little to big for my britches.

And last, one time I did a little show at a coffee place, because one of my old friends asked me to open up for his band. So I asked another friend of mine to play with me too (two musicians better than one I thought). I've been playing for 10 years, here's been playing off and on for about 3 or 4 years. I demanded too much from him, he forgot when to do this and that, it screwed both of us up, and it was my most embarrassing moment ever. Plus I gave public singing a try, and I was passable, but I needed more work. If I ever hear a song we were covering there or something, I cringe like a motherfucker.
The fact that I STILL know the lyrics to tons of super gangsta rap songs from when I was a total wigger 4 or 5 years ago. I just can't forget it
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Running drunkenly through a house full of sober people while ranting about Scientology, crying, and trying to steal a jar of peanut butter.

There's more, but that's the main one. I might be having a great day, but if I remember that I'm incapacitated for a few minutes while I try to fit my whole fist into my mouth.
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Being a creationist.
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I had an afro bigger than my head in 7th grade. I looked really, really ****en stupid.
grok it.


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In 7th grade, I had short hair (I look much better with medium long hair) and I was a total creeper. I liked a girl for 2(!) years without doing anything about it, and I regularly did creeper things. Any pictures of me from 5th or 6th grade also make me cringe. It was that transition time in puberty, so I was really chubby and really bad looking.

One specific thing was once when I was at Indiana University, I made the mistake of following a bus route to get to a building on the other side of campus, and led my friends and I around the area of the campus we weren't supposed to be in, and made us about 30 minutes late to a class (not like they cared). It's the only individual thing that still makes me cringe.
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Any picture of my ex gf. Not that she wasn't attractive, just that the whole 2 year relationship was a train wreck front to back.
Any picture of me up until I was about 17. If I wasn't fat, it was the braces. If it wasn't the braces, it was the acne. If it wasn't the acne, it was my obscenely long hair that was just plain ridiculous.

Also, if I listen to anything I had recorded at my high school music festivals, except for two, I cringe. People liked them, but I always thought they were terrible.
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Being about 60 lbs heavier and drinking to make me more social.

And that was less than a year ago.
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Once I ran into this band, they were like a classic rock band and they had just finished playing or the night, so they were probably all drunk (which might explain their strange friendliness) but anyway, I had to open my big mouth and say that I'm a guitarist etc etc I'm really good bla bla bla.


the next night they invited me to come and play a little. I figured sure, why not. So the next night I rocked (we hit some bars before so I was a little drunk myself) and I came down the place and the guitarist of the band came over to me and handed me his super-light Ibanez. He then told the band to play smoke on the water and left to go and drink some more.

There was only one problem: I have never learnt the smoke of the water solo! To combat this problem I thought I'll just make something up in G major. This also failed when the solo came around since I started soloing in G# major (a more familiar position to me) and I was too panicked to try and see what was wrong. After the song, I got like the dirtiest look from the band, so I basically ran for the hills and never came back...

It haunts me to this day....
Listening to recordings I have made with singing on it. Seriously, I usually wow myself with how great I sounded on guitar even when I had only been playing a few years, but the singing always sounds horrendous. Wtf was I thinking?

Also, I read some of my posts on a blog website when I was age 10-13. Good god I would never speak that way anymore. It was just ridiculous babble, and I got so worked up and emotional over meaningless trifles.
Videos of me and my band's shows from like 2 years ago. My guitar sounded like such shit back then and none of us in the band back then knew how to sing.

Also my old YouTube videos from when I was 12 where I would record me playing video games with my webcam and doing dumb voice overs like it was the people in the video games talking. I thought that stuff was funny.
Old pictures of me where I'm really fat or wearing emo attire, ugh
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Uhh there was this guy who didn't get any of the questions in some exam so he put 2 pencils in his nose and headbutted the desk.. and died.. that's pretty stupid.

i was in air cadets (kinda like boy scouts) for 3 years
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
One nice family photo where I'm wearing a tie over a t-shirt. Ughhh It ruined the whole thing and is the only thing I am truely embarrased of

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My first attempt at a relationship with a girl so psychologically and emotionally unstable, you could put her in a nuclear reactor and power the planet. I was on tons of drugs at the time and so delusional it just makes me cringe to think how stupid and misled I was.
Puking in someone's garage and having to be brought home by the father of the house while saying "Honestly, I'm fine."
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My brother, my cousin, a few of my friends, and I tried to make our own Star Wars movie like 6 years ago. It's embarrassing. Really embarrassing. I probably should just erase it honestly...
My early writing. Absolute trash. My "poetry" (read as over dramatic ranting tat) especially.

This one is recent actually, but I volunteered at a local elementary school's carnival as a face painter. And I ended up working with this girl in my gym class that I had a crush on even though we had only spoken a hand full of times the entire year. We get along well and have fun and everything.

However the next week in class, she walks up to me and says hello. I was really suprised and made the situation awkward. (I am an incredibly shy person, and often never say a single thing in class besides for when im called on or commented). Anyways, while any smart person ever would have just said a cool "Oh, hey." I pause for a couple seconds and say "Oh, umm... HEEEEEEEEEEEEY." Then she stared at me with a really confused look on her face and I walked away.
In every single picture of me from 9th grade I look stoned, I don't know why.

Also, I was hyperactive and annoying when I was little. I would've slapped myself if I knew myself back then.

I also thought Simple Plan and stuff like that were so hardcore back then
I had virtually no social skills until I was 14, and I said a lot of bad/dumb things to good people without even realizing it.
No animals were harmed in order to bring you the above post. However, several photons were greatly inconvenienced.

gr 7 - halfway through gr 8 hair. I used to have hair down to my shoulders, and it looked HILARIOUSLY retarded, since my hair is perfectly straight, without a hint of curl in sight. I look like I'm wearing a mop. I refuse to allow pictures from that era to be displayed.

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My brother, my cousin, a few of my friends, and I tried to make our own Star Wars movie like 6 years ago. It's embarrassing. Really embarrassing. I probably should just erase it honestly...

dude... me and a few friends did this to, I feel you.

One of my buddies is really good with finalcut pro, and he edited in lightsabers, so while it looks pretty cool, it's embarrassing as hell.


noticing something

ITT: Everyone does the same stuff growing up that they regret badly now that we're older
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Pictures of me with buzz cut and the pictures of me with blonde hair.
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I was really overweight until last, oh, Winter, I guess. I cringe at old pictures.

I also cringe at how socially awkward I was until high school, and then I cringe at what an asshole I was freshman and sophomore year.

EDIT: Oh, also, I dated a girl last year who is a creationist, and she also honestly believes that the world is ending in 2012. I bastardized all of my views for her. Uuuugggghhhh. I mean, I made it clear that I wasn't a creationist and such... but I toned down my very leftist views and such... I even tried believing in god for a little while (lulz).
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the whole pokemon card craze, I traded away two of my cards for one I realized I didn't like later, I threw a huge fit at my friends house after the trade (my friend would've traded them back but his mom wouldn't let him for w/e reason)

I went through some hard times after I moved for the first time and took it out on people around me when I was 10-11, luckily I realized pretty quickly that this was really stupid and I wasn't going to make any friends being a jerk to people

When I was 14 I got really into the whole metalhead elitism thing and recommended a bunch of extreme metal bands to all my friends even though there was no chance in hell that they'd ever enjoy them, I thought that knowing about all these non mainstream metal bands made me really cool until I eventually realized nobody really cares

Developing a crush on one of my best friends a year or two ago, won't go too deep into it but a HUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE waste of my life and I whined about it so much to some of my friends
Wow.... other then ages posted and the Starwars movies i have done everything mentioned, still only cringe worthy thing has been dressing in a slutty cop outfit because my best mate didnt want his girlfriend wearing it to my mates 18th..... the things you do for your friends,.......
My early songwriting and titles, back when I was trying to be a Kurt Cobain clone.

Or how about the phase after that where I wrote tons of sappy chumpish love ballads, inspired by a 5 year crush on a gal whom everyone told me "likes me" because she looked at me, she did not give 2 shits about me tbh, otherwise she would have been chasing ME, not the other way around.

Being the "Viking Teddybear" in a certain previous band, should have blown up their amps and ****ed their girlfriends when I had a chance. It could have saved me 3 years of being dicked around.

Singing songs in gibberish because I did not know the words when I was 8.

Getting in trouble for singing out the window during the Stanford Achievement Test in 1st grade.

My talent contest appearance in 2nd grade.

Those retarded pubescent/teen years I spent feeling suicidal...the real problem was the people around me, not myself. Once I realized that, things got a lot better.

So what lessons have I learned from this...
- never cut my hair (just trim split ends)
- If a girl likes you, she'll chase you, don't waste time with "what ifs"
- Always make sure the record player is set at the right speed
- Be yourself, especially when writing music
- Don't be the nice guy, being the angry scary asshole is better (and more fun)
- Being a Creeper can be quite fun sometimes, and quite useful
- only sing when there is a mic in front of you
- don't think about this stuff because it makes you cringe!
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My completely un-styled hair, ugly shoes, cheap baggy clothes and annoying stupid voice that I've seen in a few old videos of mine.

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My early songwriting and titles

Holy shit. Do NOT get me started.
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When I was a toddler I crapped on a friend of my mum's lawn.
I nagged and nagged my mum that I needed to go but they wouldn't stop gossiping, I had no diaper and I needed to go now.

Bitch can't say I didn't warn her.

Oh God. If I try to recall too much I may open Pandora's Box and cringe until I collapse in on myself...

I'm particularly embarrassed about stabbing my friend with a pencil in year 5. Not because of the stabbing aspect, but because of how I burst into tears immediately afterwards. That's probably my earliest cringe-worthy memory, but at least I learned a lesson.

Don't cry after committing a wanton act of violence.
I have almost all of seventh and part of eighth grade completely blocked out of my memory. I was such a dork back then. I mean, I'm still a total nerd, and pretty damned proud of it, but now I have social skills and stuff.

All I have to say is that in seventh grade, I legitimately tried to go Super Saiyan. Imagine a dorky fat kid in the cafeteria with his face turning blue as he attempts to charge his ki.

My past is pretty crap but none of the things I've done make me cringe
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

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Once pissed in a field in front of lots and lots of people without even realising it...

However, does make me lol sometimes as well
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I had virtually no social skills until I was 14, and I said a lot of bad/dumb things to good people without even realizing it.

Pretty much this, except I was 15.
I went to a party the day my Grandad died, drunk a bottle of whiskey and sobbed. It's not the fact that I was crying that makes me cringe, it's that I thought a bottle of whiskey would make me feel better.
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