The bass line that iI put in there is just a basic one, and I need one thats somwhat has good groove to it. Anyways, thats a song I call "Remember Me". I made it for a friend I promised id make a song for her, busted it out in a day, so tell me what you think!

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Song 4.gp5
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Its pretty poppy. Why don't you just throw in some octaves and 3rds and 5ths and a few scales to top it all off. I'd do it but I don't care enough :/
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RIP Les Paul, I bet he's forming a kick-ass band up there to play The Great Gig in the Sky. Maybe we'll all have to use a Stairway to Heaven to go see them play. You know I'm funny.
yeah... im not good at making catchy bass lines, i really think its hard for me :p
Avenged Sevenfold Fan, proud of it.
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oh, i just caught your edit.

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