hey.. im really desprate and in need of .... ive installed the 85\81 on my guitar and went through the whole schematic but i cant get ride of the noise.. it only stops when i touch the strings or the shielded jack to my amp... ive been running in circles for like 2 days now and i cant get it right..

here's the RGA 42 wiring diagram i hope really someone can help me with little detailed becouse i cant understand all this stuff in english quite well

I know nothing about wiring or schematics, but if it's noisy like that doesn't it mean it's not grounded? Then when you touch the strings you ground it.. Or something.
yeah but it says in the manual not to ground wire to bridge ... becouse the pickups are self shielded
If you go to the GB&C Essential Links thread at the top of this forum, you find a list of master threads. Click on the link for the Active Pickups & 18V mod thread. Post there and if no one helps you by tomorrow, I'll rework your diagram for you.

Also, please indicate if you have the standard cables on your EMGs or the new solderless system. They all have both connects at the pickup ends, but the other end of the cables in the solderless system have connectors that fit into a special wiring block.
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okay fine... ive read the whole thread and it seems it has nothing to do with my problem here

The output jack panel that i have is the ibanez One with 3 pins.....( do i need to solder them exactly like EMG says ?? i dunno where is the (ring ..Sleeves.) in that jack in the EMG diagram

Also ive switched the QE on\off switch with the tone knob ive got with the pickups.. so now its a master\tone guitar isntead of master\EQ switch

and btw Does the soldering quality affects that matter???
the stock Ibanez active pickups uses 1.5v batteries. EMGs need 9v battery. maybe thats the problem???
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okay here is another thing...

I need the COR-TEK 3 way ibanez pickup selector Diagram.... maybe i missed up wiring it right

Also i need the Long Stereo ibanez jack diagram for wiring the 3 pins (or doesnt matter which pin do you wire ) ?? thanks