I am graduating from High school (honors biatch! not that big of a deal) in 3 days and my mother wants the family and I to go the baccalaureate service. I don't really want to, but I really never went to church at all so why not appease her.

I just want to know what to expect I.E. how long is it? and what actually goes on? The main incentive I am looking forward to is that I heard there is food.

Of course the service varies from school to school but what is your experience with it?
Mine was pretty inspiring. The main event was a speaker who spoke about finding significance in the small things in life and enjoying life to the fullest. There was a religious aspect to it, but it wasn't over the top, which is suprising considering I live in a country town in the Bible Belt, Georgia, where 95% of the population consists of diehard Christians.
From my experience, they are just hour long services with various prayers and songs from different religions.
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I actually spoke and played drums and sang at my Baccalauriate. There was a choir that sang a couple songs, then the superintendent spoke, then the choir sang again, then my band played a song, then i shared about my faith in God in high school and got to tell my class who i was and what i was about, then another girl in my grade did the same, then my band played 2 more songs, then a pastor spoke for a little, then the choir sang another song and the seniors left and everyone shook our hands on their way out. This all happened in about an hour. It's just an opportunity for the church to celebrate graduation and wish their blessings on the graduates.

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