Hello all,

I was wondering if this happens to anyone else and if I just need to practice and play through it.

About a year ago, I really started to break down my picking technique (mainly alternate). I realized that when I am descending a scale, the pick slides along my thumb a little in the direction of my wrist. I have tried all kinds of picks (big, small, tortex, etc...)

Is this something that I just have to practice the hell out of and play through or is this something I can correct?

Thanks guys.
lol, pretty much the whole reason i use my fingernails instead, but anyway, are you holding the pick properly? i'm not exactly sure about this, but the pick should be between your thumb and index finger, that's how i hold a pick though, i think its different for other people, so just hold it firmly i guess
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lol i have all the practice standing up when I used to play guitar hero 24/7 :P

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I'm not sure but I think I have a similar issue. I think part of it for me is almost that when descending I almost expect my hand to be in the way because how is my ascending hand, which is moving toward my picking hand supposed to go back down if my other hand is in the way. THat make sense? Well, what I'm saying is that your mind is smarter than even you know. I think slowing it down and keeping careful attention to what your hands are doing will help you some. Now lets have a guru explain it on the real. yeeeea boiiii
Get out your drill and drill bit, and and old cereal box, grab a few picks, and experiment with different sizes and configurations of holes, I think It helps.