check out my profile music, the last one called the lords prayer is something i worked on today, tell me what u think, as always c4c

i recorded all instruments on garage band myself

Iceman w/ emgs
fender fmdsp65
Boss MetalZone
Fender Cybertwin
Epi LP plus top
Zoom gfx4
Death metal (sounds amazing through bass amp)
ibanez weeping demon
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I liked the instrumentals... I thought the song lacked dynamics... and the vocals were very mediocre. Very nice recording quality though.
i really liked the music, particularly the rhythm guitar line. it sounded like the drums were panned almost completely to the right though? kind of distracting. i almost think the vocals could be more powerful if done in the same way an overzealous preacher may deliver. when the lead distorted guitar comes in i think it could be brought out more. and the vocals lean to the left which kind of puts it out of balance to me. but i really like the composition of the song, very mellow but strong. and the quality was pretty good for the instruments as well. just work on where things sit in the arrangement. keep it up!

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