Hello everybody.

So I'm looking for a good acoustic in which to perform fingerstyle pieces. I've been playing on a Takamine Jasmine and I think I'm at the point where my playing warrants a new guitar.

I suppose I should be looking for something with a wide string spacing? I'm not all tha interested in a dread body as those don't sit between my legs very well.

Give me your suggestions
id say definitely go for a seagull brand.. you'll never look for anything else for sure.!
the seagulls under $500 at gc and mf are the dreads. while i highly recommend the s6 for its great tone, nice finish and wide neck, the op doesn't want a dread. i believe that one can find a seagull coastline cedar folk for under $500 at amazon,and also at an ebay seller i bought a seagull from http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Seagull-Coastline-Cedar-Folk-TRIC-Case-/220568506521?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Guitar&hash=item335ae85099

i think the folk has the wide neck, but i'm not 100% sure, and i can't find that pdf on the seagull website with the specs. anyone have that url?
If the dimensions are the same as my Maritime Folk, then yes it it has a wide neck.
ah, found the specs sheet - http://www.seagullguitars.com/specs.htm

yup, the seagull coastline cedar folk has a nice wide nut of 1.8" - i've found the seagull necks to be truly wonderful for fingerstyle. it's a smaller guitar, good sound, well made, solid top, reasonable price.
I own a takamine g series g406s and it's pretty great, $400 new. Small parlor size, so it's a bit smaller than a grand concert. Its nut width is 1 11/16", but that doesn't bother me, it's my most comfortable width. Great volume projection. The bass is a bit lower than the mids and highs, putting it perfect for finger picking. I'd say it's extremely close to the 00 size martin. It's also got diamond abalone inlays, so the guitar looks real sharp too. There's the $300 version of it without the abalone if you wanted to save money.

EDIT: Also, from what I remember, there was plenty of space left on the fingerboard to push the nut a bit wider, I'm pretty positive you could pull off 1 23/32", and chance to go 1-3/4's as well. If you want me to actually measure it out I could for you, but like I said, 1 11/16 is fine for me. The string spacing seems to work out as is.

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I'm thinking that I will go for a seagull.

Though I'm looking at the Maritime Mini Jumbo. The folk is very nice, but I need something a little bigger. I guess I should've mentioned that I have a rather stocky build to my body. I'm by no means fat, but dreads, and smaller guitars don't sit right with my shape.

I do have a guitar knee stand though, which helps a lot and brings the guitar up to playing level, but it only work on gloss finishes, and the folk looks to be sort of, satin.

It looks like I will just have to save up a little more. I don't feel like skimping on a new guitar, and I'd like to buy something that will last me, and fit me for a good while.
I'm pretty sure the Mini Jumbo and the Folk have the same finish. My folk is a lot brighter in person than any pictures I've seen. But if you like the jumbo bertter then go for it.

Guitar Center always has 10-15% off coupons that you can use on Seagulls so you can knock off $70 - $105 off their price.

Good sounding guitar. Get the blemished item and if it's bad send it back. They have a great return policy and the blemished items are almost never anything more than a tiny scratch. Wide neck, all solid wood construction.

Seagulls are great too though.
If you get the chance play on Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo. Nut width is 1.72 and I really like mine for finger style, I also have 12 string seagull and that one is 1.9, for a 12 string guitar it is very comfortable for finger picking as well. I also as of recent own Yamaha FG730s and even though I bought it for strumming it is not to shabby for finger picking although it is a dread.
Good luck with whatever you choose!