So I decided it's high time to pass on the stuff that I'm not using anymore since hopefully it can be used by someone else.
This'll be quite the list, so I won't list pictures here for the sake of keeping it as short as I can. If you want pics of anything pm me and I will gladly oblige.

First up - Guitars

Warmoth Telecaster - $550
Walnut Body w/ 1/4" Quilt maple top
EMG T set
Wilkinson Bridge and Base Plate
Fender Tuners
Maple Neck and Fretboard
THis guitar plays and sounds great, but it doesn't have that characteristic tele twang that I would want from a tele. Great tones nevertheless, from spanky cleans to George Bensonesque jazz tones. Run it into a High gain amp and it is ridiculously tight.

Jackson DXMG Neck and Body - $65 for Body, $100 for neck
I'm parting out the neck and body of this, as the wiring is a little messed up, and were I to sell it as is I fear would only aggravate anyone who bought it. The body has a few chips, albeit small ones. The neck has some discoloration on the back near the 1-4 frets, but plays magnificently and the frets have very little wear.

Fender 60th Anniversary Strat - $400
Blizzard Pearl Paint job
3 ply w/b/w pickguard with Lace Sensor Red, Silver, Gold set
Rosewood Fretboard, the original neck had terrible warping issues, so a local luthier made me a new neck, plays great

Epiphone Les Paul Custom - $600
I would ideally not like to sell this, but it depends on how other gear sells.
Wine Red Flame Maple Top
Gold hardware
Everything is stock save for the knobs which I replaced with gold top hat knobs.

Next up
Original Floyd Rose Trem - $150
Bought from Carvin 2 years ago with the intention on building a guitar. Never happened. In great condition, has a small pin sized chip of paint off near the low e string saddle.

Dimarzio X2N - $55

Dimarzio Air Norton - $50

Seymour Duncan JB - $60
F Spaced
Black with Name

Seymour Duncan SH2N Jazz - $55
Black with Name

EMG HZ Set - $65

Neumann KM 184 - $700
Brand New with Cedar Case and stand adapter, clip, and pop filter.

Digitech Digidelay - $65
Very Clean, but has a few chips in the paint on the edges. Half of the back sticker is gone from previous velcro use.

Devi Ever Aenima - $80
Immaculate condition, sounds beastly.

Humphrey Audio Mods SLO/Diezel Modded MT-2 - $120
Sounds amazing, reviews of it on HC are all the introduction this pedal needs. http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Effects/product/Humphrey+Audio+Mods/SLO-Diezel+MT-2/10/1


Traynor YCS100 MkI - $650
This is/was Traynor's Flagship and for good reason.
3 Channels, fully independent eq, reverb, gain, volume, fx mix, bright/scoop, modern/vintage switches on each channel
Clean is very versatile, especially with the available eq options.
Channel 2 is "Marshall" voiced, sounds really good and has a lot of gain on tap.
Channel 3 is "Mesa" voiced. Not as flabby of a low end as rectos, but still very heavy sounding.
It also has global Presence and Resonance Knobs
100w switchable to 30w
The front panel has some weird "fingerprint" like markings that don't seem to come off. The amp still sounds great.
Footswitch has a 2 way switch in the clean channel stomp, which basically means you have to hit it twice when switching to it as to not make the amp scream when you try to switch to another channel. Easy fix for those so inclined.

Predominantly looking to sell, but trade offers are cool too. Prices are shipped, the traynor may be an extra $20 or so depending on shipping quote and location. Paypal with gift option preferred, US CONUS only. I've got several good trades on the HCCF, TGP, and my ebay handle is cookx285 wheere I have 100% feedback. Thanks for looking!
i got a ibanez jem7dbk steve vai 6 string guitar in mint shape and a peavey windsor head
Trivium Rocks!!!
Hmm,, I'm pretty set for amps.
Sweet guitar, but I'm mostly looking to sell to fund a parker or steinberger.
thanks for the interest. I saw your ad on HC, good luck.
if i can sell my marshall, i'm buying your traynor (provided it's still for sale then.)
i play noisy hardcore in the vein of coalesce interrupted by lots of isis-esque riffage and ambience, with a healthy dose of screamo dynamics ala funeral diner. it even sounds good sometimes!
Sounds good. Let me know if/when that happens. I've got all this stuff on craigslist and HC too, so I'm treating as first confirmed payment first served.
PM sent
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 VB
Epiphone Negative G-400 SG
Jackson Dinky
Custom Explorer
Custom V(being built)
CEC Amplification Suckerpunch 15
Catalinbread DLS v2
Humphrey Audio Slo/Diezel mod MT-2
Monsterpiece NPN/Classic
pmed back
i'll be out of town, and thusly without internet until sunday,, so if you pm me in that time please don't expect an answer until then.
Can I get pics of the Tele please? Also, what radius is the neck?
Tele pics ahoy:

I have no clue what the fretboard radius is. 10"? 12" maybe? It's a tiny bit thicker than my old MIM strat neck was, but not as big as my Epi LP neck.