I've never been all that much interested in learning about circuitry before, but I pulled apart my external hard drive this morning because it was not working (a problem I still have not fixed) and yanked the two led's out of it's case by mistake and became curious about hooking them up to some of my led-less guitar pedals instead.

So, to make things simple, where would I connect a simple double wire led to this:
it's an spdt switch. you can't wire it.

also, is that some effect on the camera? it's extremely hard to see...
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Wrap the wires around the connections on that ninevolt and see what happens.
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DON'T wrap the wires around the 9V that will blow the LED for sure. Hooking a LED up is a helluva lot of work for not a helluva lot.

It's really not that much work... It's like one LED, usually one resistor, and then a quick soldering job.
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