Just a little something I came up with while I was playing with a few new VSTs over the past few days.
It is currently unfinished, as I don't really know what I should be doing with it. Any feedback at all would be appreciated

Programmed in Cubase 4, using:
Native Instruments: Absynth 4, FM8
LinPlug Octopus
Sonic Charge: Synplant
And a drum loop sampled from the Tori Amos song "Caught A Lite Sneeze"

Also, C4C
I love the spacey-ness and the drums work well, sitting at the back. 1:17 sounds great, those arpeggios work really well. Overall it sounds very well done, a change would be great to lengthen the piece, though, like maybe some distorted bass or something? Nice work!

I love music like this. It actually has a similar style to a lot of the music I write myself. I really enjoy the primary melody in this piece, and the synth arpeggios in the latter half are enjoyable; though in some way take away from the atmosphere as they seem to serve no purpose (as many 16th/32nd note arpeggios do in any song). That said, I think that the arpeggios could serve more of a purpose if the song was longer and mixed a bit better. Atmospheric and spacey synth music like this is rather hard to mix, I know from experience. No one wants to compromise the reverb and airiness to the sound, but it is better to a degree to mix up synth tones that really accentuate the melody line. In addition, the drums are really well done too! Overall I really like what you have here as it is, and I think some reworking could do it even better justice to your ideas.

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