I'm planing on buying a strat and found squier CV line, but i don't know which one should i choose. CV 60's or 50's? I like blues, hendrix, classic rock, but nothing heavier. I've heard a lot of good things about the CV series, but i've read in some kind of review, that the 60's CV had a lot of treble (too much), but it was only one review and also, i think you can wire the tone control from the middle pickup to bridge, so you can turn the treble down a bit. The other thing is, i actually can't try the guitar, becouse no music shops in here have it and i don't know anyone, that may have this guitar. I am planing to order ir from the internet. Which one should i choose?
everything that Ive seen says the Squier CV line is top notch stuff..I would probably go with the 60's...if you dont like the sound, single coil pickups are pretty cheap
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