Okay, well like the title says I want two new guitars.
First: I need a jazz(semi-hollow) guitar for studies next year
I don't like the big style's like the dot ect. so I'm considering one of these two at the moment:

ESP LTD Xtone PVS-2 (dunno how it is for jazz though, anyone know? Unfortunately I can't get one to test, I'll have to import if I get this one)

Ibanez AWD102NT (Also can't play on this to test it. I'll have to travel 200km to buy it.. secondhand. But, the one guy I know that studied where I'm gonna next year did it with this and he said it's perfect)

any other ideas welcome?

and the second I want to buy is a 24 fret with a nice trem for gigging. But, I'm looking for a 24.75 scale(I have really skinny fingers) and I've gotten used to the fret sizes of my ESP LTD EC401.
was thinking of the ESP LTD EC1000FR.

Thanks Guys
The EC-1000 is a pretty great guitar, though mine is the fixed bridge one. I'd still recommend it all the same. However, I do like the MH-1000 a lot more, so maybe check out the FR version of that guitar too. IT has a 25.5 scale instead of the 24.75, but I find it's a lot easier to shred on the MH than the EC
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