im not sure what gauge of string i should have.
i currently use 9's but people tell me since i bend alot and what not i should use 10's.
im confused, really. also, would going up in gauge from say 9 to 10 would that change the tone? and would i need a new nut?
You wont need to change your nut and the tone with be better with 10s
10's will change the tone a tiny bit, but they'll add a bit of tension too. Try them and see how they feel, they'll be a little harder to bend, but you'll get a slightly beefier tone (for lack of a better word)
if you find yourself frequently breaking strings, then swiching to 10's would be a good idea. I used to use 9's...and i would break a string every week almost. Once i switched to 10's, they would last months. Now i use 12's b/c i like to downtune a lot...they also give me a fatter, deeper tone, which is great b/c i play a lot of metal. So if you like to play heavy/downtune you might want to consider something like 11's or 12's.
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I've heard that the more tone you want, the thicker strings you need. At the moment, Im running with 0.10 - 0.52, and Im thinking of trying to get a heavier set of strings for the next time Im restringing.
if you keep on breaking strings switch to 10...and, just like everyone else is saying, 10's will give you a fatter tone and they will be a bit harder to bend. but you'll be pretty much used to it after one practice session used to have 9 but now im using 10 all the time
10's sound better. They are tighter and it will take a little while to get used to them, but it will be worth it when you do.
You also build up finger strength from bending thicker strings. I use to not be able to bend 10s when I was starting out, now I'm on 11s and loving it It comes down to what you find comfortable though, and if you like the tone. If you get much thicker strings, you may need to file your nut slightly, but it won't be an issue with a normal pack of 10s (If you get one with a low E of 0.52, yes, that may need filing/sanding, but it's fairly simple)
Stick with .009s if they're comfortable for you. Many pros play 9s or even 8s without a problem. If you like 'em it ain't worth the hassle to change. I myself play .012s cause they just feel right after years of playing a steel string acoustic. But you can bend a smaller set much easier, and they don't wear your frets out as quickly as bigger gauges do.
Thicker strings aren't made to sound 'better' than thinner strings, thick strings have a fuller tone. I used to play with 9's because I always bend strings alot too.
Then I switched to 10's because I wanted a fuller tone, but it was slightly harder to play because of the increased tension of the strings, and bending wasn't as easy as well. However after a few days of playing, I got used to 10's, and from there I had no more problems. Basically, when you start to play with 10's, you will progressively increase your finger strength when you bend thickers strings.
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when i went from 9s to 10s i noticed a great improvement in tone, somehow fuller.

your nut should be OK for this small increase in gauge but if you have a floating bridge it will
probably need some adjustment, sting height and intonation need checking as well.
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