Ive been recently getting into slide and cannot get enough of it; the problem that lies is that I cannot find super intricate slide songs. Anyone have any suggestions. Ive only been playing slide for a little while but songs like Death Letter by the Stripes and Traveling Riverside Blues are my style. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
have a look at warren haynes, the allman brothers and of course the amazing eric sardinas
cant think of anything to put here.........
Check out Ry Cooder's music from the soundtrack to the movie, THE LONG RIDERS. Ry Cooder has many many slide (and cajun) type music. He also did the movie SOUTHERN COMFORT. AND was the one that brought in STEVE VAI and both did the movie Crossroads with Ralph Macchio (and Steve's Famous Guitar show at the end of the movie)

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the entire Endangered Species Album by Lynyrd Skynyrd pretty much. slide solos like WHAT!

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Well, "Death Letter" is a Son House song, and "Traveling Riverside Blues" is a Robert Johnson song. Not only did these two know each other, but they are icons of the old Delta Blues. You may also want to seek out stuff by Bukka White and Muddy Waters.

Also, assuming you're into electric interpretations of these songs and styles, there are a few obvious and not so obvious artists to check out. Namely; Johnny Winter, Chris Whitley, Jeff Lang, Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, Lowell George, Ry Cooder, and... I guess that's all I can think of right now... These guys could rip it, unplugged or not.

Listening to the way these guys approached playing with a slide will do a lot to help you, as SeeEmilyPlay suggested, create your own style.

@Bright Light, yeah, Gary Rossington always played a real nice slide too.

Oh, and don't forget to mute behind your slide. It'll cut down on a lot of excess string noise.
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As Jazz Funeral says....Try going back to the masters, the originators of the style. I have a
"Blues Masters # 18, Slide Guitar Masters" album. If you were to learn every slide lick on that album...You'd be in good shape.

Sonny Landreth plays some amazing stuff; fretting behind the slide, playing fingerstyle and slide at the same time....
Leo Kottke and Kelly Joe Phelps.
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Check out John Butler Trio, I believe tune is called Pickapart. Some great slide playing on that one.