I am going on a 1 time spending trip on ebay and i was wondering if anyone knows of any books that clearly depict the ancient burial and funerary rituals of the ancient Egyptians, in depth of course

Also, anything else related to the above that you might find interesting?

And before some of you lot go on a massive whinge, which i know a lot of you do ( i'm looking at you whalepudding )

Know that i am only looking for genuine replies from people that actually can refer me to something that is like what i described, ok? if you will not help than just save me a headache and DON'T POST, this is for educated individuals that could lend a hand in helping me educate myself on the subject. thank you
^ Hey, nice to see you again

Yep, already gone through all of the Nile liner notes, several times, but i am going for something a little more, in depth and scholarly like, you know what i mean? i hope i'm bringing my point across well enough

i are famous.
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Look, dude

I am asking for some referrals from people that are also interested in the topic, as there are many books out there that i have not yet even heard of, alright?

I don't have to do everything on my own, i can ask for a bit of a referral and some guidance on my path to enlightenment, alright?

Google is a fantastic search engine, and i don't know what i would do without it, but you know, i think this is a little more productive than letting a spam thread entitled '' why are all metzal heds gay? '' in the metal forum grow to 5 pages, alright?

I am aware of google, and i am aware of Budges inaccurate translation of the book of the dead, thankyou
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Pretty heavy reading though. It helps to take breaks in between chapters.