I have a question about Ibanez GSR205. Does it have active or passive pickups? It has a battery compartment on the back, but I'm unsure whether it's just for the preamp (phat II EQ) or pickups aswell.
In case pickups are passive, will I still be able to play it when battery runs out, but without the EQ function? And will the battery drain if I leave it plugged into the amp but have the EQ turned down all the time?
A quick trip to Google shows that it has passive pick ups, and you will probably still be able to ply it after the battery dies, without the EQ function. Not sure on the last one, probably if it's plugged in and the amp is turned on, the battery will still drain.
It's passive pickups, active pre. You won't be able to play it when the battery runs out, as the signal from the pickups passes through the pre amp to get to the input jack, so it wouldn't be able to get there. And yes, no matter what settings your EQ is on, as long as it's plugged in it'll drain the batteries.
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