Been playing for 2 and a half years almost. Self taught.

I alt pick everything, even the arpeggios, and the Plug In Baby riff. Never soloed much, because I find learning solos note by note, especially long ones, is really memory and time consuming.

But today I've been listening to a huge load of Petrucci, Satch, Gilbert, Segovia and Tarrega. And now, Ive seen what I lack.

Premise is simple; I want to progress as a guitarist. Hard part is, I don't know how. I've been learning songs here and there, doing my warm ups, major/minor/blues scales etc. Even writing my own songs.

But I feel kinda lost and need a practise schedule. I'm talking about both electric and classical guitar.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Yo, Quick question but what do you think you lack from listening to those guitarists you listed?

One idea that springs to mind is that you could work on what you are weak at? I mean if you want to be better then that means you must have some flaws somewhere. Maybe you could incorporate your flaws into your songwritting so you are forced to improve. For example, say if you suck at sweep picking, write riffs with sweep picking in them

Practice shedule is something you should figure out depending on what you are learning/improving. A 30 min shedule split up into 5-10 min segments, with the first 5 minutes being a warm-up exercise (or exercises) is a good idea. I hardly use shedules though because I dont stick to them much, usually go over the time limit because I want to sort one thing out before moving to the next
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Well, a few of my standard suggestions are to learn theory, learn fulls songs (including solos), and to work on new techniques. For the rest, and specifics, look through the stuff in the bottom link of my sig. There is enough material in that thread for you to put together a good plan.