Ok, I've decided to sell my Strat since I never play it. I'm looking for a metal guitar that sounds very big and fat, kind of like AILD, ABR, and LoG. Comfort is my main thing. The reason I never played the Strat is because the RG just felt a lot better. So I would prefer something with a Wizard Prestige neck. The closest thing to what I'm looking for and will be very happy with is a RGA121 or RGA321. Would it deliver the tones I'm looking for? I know ABR plays RGAs, but AILD and LoG play Les Paul style guitars. And does anyone know whether they come with 3-way or 5-way switches?
budget?why dont you use your 2550?

PS :from where did you buy it?I dont see any 2550z in states?

EDIT:what is AILD and ABR
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RGA 121 and 321 are long gone..although I did saw a brand new RGA321 at zzounds...

if you want a prestige RGA you will have to go used,because the new RGA's cost 2500$
Get one of the amps you're saving up for first?
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I used to have an RGA121. They come with five-way switches. An RGA121 or 321 will not disappoint you soundwise. The only reason I got rid of is I prefer ESP thin u necks.
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I have an RGA321 and whilst it can do metal tones the pups aren't great for it but it is an awesome guitar
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There's still a few new older RGAs out there but I'll go used if necessary. My budget is probably around $1200. I got my RG2550Z like 2 years ago. I think they were only available for a year here. It just doesn't sound big and fat. I'm assuming it's because of the trem and basswood body. It just lacking girth.
i'm sure you'll be happy with the sound of an RGA, the mixture of the maple top and mah body is awesome, it gives a lot of clarity and is actually quite bright imo(could be my amp), but the mah body adds extra depth and mids for a massive tone.
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