Hey guys,

Just purchased a marshall DSL 2000 and am looking for a suitable boost/shaping pedal.

The only requirement is that it is not too trebly and gritty.

I have NEVER owned a boost pedal before and want to make sure I am purchasing a good one and make the right decision.

My budget is up to 250 bucks.
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Get a 7 band eq. I have the dod eq with a dsl 2000. It will increase volume and then you can shape your sound more than the three knobs on your amp
I agree with MrWright about getting an EQ pedal. I would reccomend the MXR 108 10 band EQ though. Seperate gain and level controls, more frequencies to play with and built like a tank. The only downside is that you have to use the included 18v power supply.

Had a quick look and its $120 on Guitar Centre so would probably have enough left for an OD pedal if you wanted to boost and shape seperately.

Also, I hate how cheap you americans can get gear. GRRR!