Which means I can spend my money on an amp, and may be bought a guitar! FOr guitar, think semi-hollow, and preferably not one with p-90s (Been there done that) around 1-1300$. Es-335 style is great, but what I love most about it is fret access, that's all... Anything is great.

Amps, I am down to four (All smaller, rock amps)

(For 800 dollars)
Soldano Astroverb
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Budda SD 18 II
(For 1500 dollars) Fargen Miniplex II
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The Soldano definately, I've played on one a few times and would definitely recommend it... As for the guitar I don't know to be honest the only hollow i've ever played is my Uncles Gretsch and I must say if you're willing to save go and get one
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you need a rivera ktre.
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Get the Soldano and a Gretsch 5120, played one at Guitar Center, feels almost exactly like the 6120 they had there a few weeks ago. Classic guitar.