Got a good Craigslist trade today: got rid of a Boss NS-2 I never used, and got another (stock) Tube Screamer. Had some internal issues I wasn't informed about before trading, but I know my way enough around a pedal that they were no problem.

Sorry for crap photos.

My review, decidedly, will not be a review of the stock TS, but a notation of the differences between the modded Analog Man Maxon TS and the stock Ibanez.

The modded Maxon has the "Silver" option; less circuitry, smoother tone, less boomy lows. Now personally, I play Strats through Fender amps: pretty trebly, so extra bass is good for me. The stock Ibanez does bring a bit more low end.

The overdrive on the Maxon is a lot smoother; there really isn't a harsh setting. Of course the stock Ibanez still has the "hump" around 1 o'clock on the Drive knob where it gets real harsh. For me the advantage of this is when I turn the Drive up a lot, rollback the tone on both my Strat and the Tone knob, I get a fuzz-style sound, reminiscent of a Norman Greenbaum's material.

The only physical differences I noticed is that the stock Ibanez is a LOT easier to switch on and off; it "clicks", unlike the Maxon which I have to mash down.

Oh, and the LED is brighter on the Maxon. ;]
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