Excuse the title; rather spur of the moment.

This is far from it's completed form. This is just from a poem I wrote, that I hope to use for lyrics in a longer, calmer song; influences include Smashing Pumpkins, The Silversun Pickups, and Explosions In The Sky..... we'll have to see if I can pull it off.

Anyways, there will most likely be lines added, removed, and rearranged, so feel free to make any and all suggestions that come to mind.

Beds of flowers, just metaphors,
for beauty and innocence.
Not for me, I don't deserve,
in present nor in future tense.

They never die, instead, we do,
and blame the loss on natures course.
We just have to accept,
that we can't perceive these metaphors.

We cannot perceive perfection,
through observations, nor recollection.

Deaths of flowers, impossible,
the soul will always live forever.
Only bodies rot away,
only pseudo lovers sever.

Perfection lives, by definition,
untouchable fidelity.
Transient waves, labeled compassion,
only end in irony.

We cannot perceive perfection,
through observations, nor recollection.
We can never acheive perfection,
nor progress in it's dissection.

Obsessive in my persuit,
a goal that none will ever acheive.
Agressive and resolute,
cannot build what's never perceived.

Instead follow the eightfold path,
do not steal, never deceieve.
Nirvana in the destination,
impossible, yes still I dream.

Dream of flowers, dream of sleep,
this journey is all I need.
Perfection, I can't perceive,
Nirvana will be the death of me.

Cannon fire, we transpire,
they survive, and we expire.
Innocence will die in bliss,
ignorance will not be missed.