Hey guys. The Paschendale (Iron Maiden) intro has some tapping involved. I've checked some tutorials on the internet, but honestly didn't really understand them.

Could you briefly explain tapping to me? Please use this for example:


I'm fine if you only tell the instructions for the first 3 notes.

Thanks in advance!
flick the string to get the 0, then hammer on the 10 ith your index finger and hammer on the 12 with the index of your other hand-this is the tap- then pull off at an angle to flick the string to get the 0 again. Rinse repeat.
just make sure when you pull off you pull at an angle and not straight up, because otherwise it wont ring out. and when you pull off of the 12 thats your stum for the open e.

so pluck the e, hammer on the 10 hammer on the 12 then pull off at an angle and viola.

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