Poll: Who would you tell first?
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View poll results: Who would you tell first?
A family member
40 49%
A close friend
28 35%
Neither, keep it to yourself
11 14%
Other, please state
2 2%
Voters: 81.
If this is hypothetical, I would tell my closest friend first.

But in reality I don't have a close friend so I'd probably tell my brother.


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probably a close friend first, my family usually doesn't take bad news about me well
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I'd tell my family first of course. I don't think I would tell my friends till my time was almost over or else what time I had left with my friends would be focused around my upcoming death

EDIT: On second thoughts I could say the same about my family...tbh I wouldn't really know unless I was actually in that situation
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Probably my family, especially seeing as I still live with them, i'd probably tell them as soon as I got home. If it was really bad I might tell friends later.
Friends. Fuck my family.

It'd actually be whoever I saw first
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I don't really know, depending on the situation, if I'm living on my own, who is closest for me to get in touch with, etc.

I'd probably go to my friend first, I'm not 100% sure, though.
Family, easily.
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+1 for whoever I saw first.

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id definitely try and keep it to myself. hate when people are worried about me, stresses me out for some reason.
Friends, hopefully i'd gain some support to tell my family
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