So I'd really like to make a few pedals but I don't have £70 for each and every single build...

I presume the reason why they cost so much is because they are 'clones'?

So if I'm right I should be able to get a kit of what I need without it being a clone for much cheaper..

Anyone know of a place?


If you can be slightly creative look into using stripboard instead of the actual PCB.
If you get a 4mm drill bit and put it in one of the holes and turn it by hand you can break the tracks and just use wires as jumpers across tracks. This means your circuit costs you about £2.50 (on ebay for a reasonably sized piece).
I've used both ebay and maplin for components before but there are probably better and/or cheaper places though.

hope that helps

I got all the bits (inc. tube and socket) for a tube OD pedal for about £30 when I used stripboard :P
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I was going to look into Maplin actually, so that's a bit of reassurance I'll keep on truckin and waiting for some replies


rapid electronics and rsh electronics are both good for components (a lot cheaper than maplin if you are buying in bulk)
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I like using Banzai Music, they have a large range of components. Also, if you're looking into pedal kits have a look at www.diypedalkits.com. (UK based company)
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