I've been wanting to get a multi-fx processor for a little while now, but I'm not sure what to get. From looking at most of them, they all have selling points talking about state-of-the-art amp modelling and over 300 presets etc...

However I don't want a ridiculous amount of presets and amp models. I want something that has 3-5 channels which you can assign FX to, and you can switch between them simply by stepping on them. I also want one with a harmoniser (where you can set the key/interval)

Does anyone know anything that might be close to what I am looking for?
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get a boss GT, you can switch it into manual mode and select the effects you want and turn them on/off by stepping on the button thingies.
I have the Boss ME-70 and it will do all of the things you are looking to do for around $300. I don't use the modeling, but I do use the compression, delay, and other effects including the wah and vox effect.

I gig with it and it is also very durable.
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