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it paints a picture in my head , i'm pretty proud of it!
tell me what you think
Great song dude and some good playing. Wish I could play piano lol. Some great vocal melodies to come from that dude. Definitely paints a picture and makes your mind start to wander. Would love to hear some vocals with some great lyrics over that. Nicely done man and keep em coming.

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Wow I am actually really impressed. That is honestly such a good instrumental, I mean it is such good background music, you have some real talent there man. Honestly it has a really good build and wow it honestly makes me think wow that could be used in a movie and yeah really paints a picture honesly it actually changes ma mood. If I wrote something that good I would be stoked! You should Be!!!

Hey and I was wondering if you could check owt mine aswel? Hey thanks!