Hey guys,

basically, im just looking for any bands or artists out there who are looking to have album art designed or ideas for album art.

Its something ive been practicing alot recently and would be very interested in trying to do some artwork for bands.

its not something im going to charge for, and im definately not expecting my designs to be used by the bands if the designs suck, but i just would like to try my hand at designing real album covers for real bands.

If anyones interested, please e-mail me @ dale.nichol@hotmail.com with a general description of the band, a track list and anything you would like included in the design.

cheers, dale
I sent you a mail with some ideas and our logo. It would be awesome if you could come up with something cool.

thanks man!
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Thanks very much man,

will hopefully have a couple of ideas ready for you within the next couple of days