hey guys, I just started to play at a monthly guitar session here and since there are no guitarists around willing to join me I'm now looking for a looper.

Some guy recommended me a 150€ pedal that is said to be cheap and simple but useful. I don't have any experience with effects and pedals at all, I've just seen some guys using and praising it.

So what I need now are some experiences with loopers, how difficult it is to use them and what kind of stuff you can do with the more expensive ones.

thanks in advance
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I can't comment on any but the RC-2, but I can say don't get an RC-2 unless you're getting the FS-5 footswitch too. Without it you need to turn knobs too often, it wouldn't work for gigging.
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Unless its electronic drums.

the RC-20 is awesome for on the fly looping. but you might want to look into a looper with quantizing. It's handy for when you're off by a couple milliseconds.
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I'm planning on buying a loop pedal. Don't have many jamming buddies so i could really use a looper for the rhythm. I own a digitech rp 150 processor along with a decent WAH, so im not looking for something too expensive or with many features.. I have a few softwares that'll let me playback the rhythm on different channels but it's very annoying having to use the laptop time and again.. i'd rather invest in a loop pedal..

What do you recommed.. my budget is a around 70-80$. Would I be able to get anything decent with that ?
The JamMan is a good option, as it's got great sound quality. However, some of the knobs are a bit flimsy and it's rather expensive. The Boss looper will be better built, I'd assume, but I haven't tried it so I don't know what the sound quality's like.
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