Okay I've been playing guitar for about 7 months now and I dont have a guitar teacher anymore so I have to learn things on my own through the internet. I want to know in what order should I learn all of them?

I already shift chords fast, can play a few blues licks, hammer and pull, power chords and stuff. I really feel having a 75 watt amp is a waste with me cause I can't play for sh*t.

What else do I have to learn and in what order? Scales, techniques, Licks.

I dont know if I can link to other sites but I want to play like this


You would probably say that Its just a simple solo but I dont know what scales he's using in his improv so I dont know where to get started.

At first I only wanted to play the guitar to see how many chicks it can get me, But now I'm really serious and I really want to learn. So if you guys can help me, yeah. Thanks.
I'd suggest Theory, mainly the major scale and its modes, which include the minor scale, and several other handy scales.

That's usually a fairly big hurdle for everyone so don't get discouraged.