I've been looking to trade in a couple old guitars for an upgrade recently and this one has really caught my attention.

I'm pretty sure the local guitar shop around here has one in stock and I'm going to go and test it out when I get the chance, but in the meantime I'm wondering if any of you have had personal experience playing this guitar or others like it.

I have a guitar better suited for drop tunings so this probably would be in standard and drop D, but still covering anything from classic rock to lamb of god so versatility is good.

You guys think the guitar will cover that?

God it looks so good
I JUST ordered this online from GC today as a graduation present from my parents.

Sorry I have no input... I haven't actually played it, but it meets all the specs I need so I decided to get it. I know, you should always try before you buy, but there's not a decent music shop within a 100 miles radius of where I live that would have this in stock.

It looks freaking beautiful doesn't it.
Haha grats man I just graduated too. Hope it works great! Make sure to put up a NGD thread when you get it and let me know how it plays
Thanks, will do, and grats to you also, haha. It ships on the 8th because it's out of stock right now, so it might be a bit.

Hopefully someone who has played this guitar will pitch in. But most everyone says these S guitars are fast and comfortable, they usually get really great reviews and the trem system is highly praised, except there's a problem with the whammy arm where it can break sometimes... but apparently there's a few cheap workarounds, or it's only a $10 replacement. But most people don't even have this problem.

I'd also like to know how the playability is compared to the S Prestige models.

every time I see a picture of that guitar, I just want to rub the poplar burl so bad... haha. It looks so smooth. It probably has a clear coat over it though.
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i would reccommend in deciding what tuning your going to use most with a trem equipped guitar and keep it set to that and have a second hardtailed guitar for switching between tuning.

and yes it is a very good guitar
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Anyone else with experience on these? Turned out local place didn't have it so GC trip this weekend for me.
If you're planning on ordering it online then you can pretty much go out and play any S. They all have the same body and neck profile. One may sound slightly different one to the next but, they're by-and-large the same guitar from the bottom of the range to the top - obviously this excludes Prestige and J.Custom guitars.
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