I want to know how to record myself playing guitar and bass but at the same time in the same video..doesn't make sense? I want it to be like this


It's the only one I could find right now that does it..

and it is all the same person yes. that is what i want to know how to do.

please help!

Record one video for each and cut and paste them over each other. you have to be very careful with the background and camera position.
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You have 2 options, either green screen or masking out, green screen is the expensive one but easier to do. Masking out can be a pain in the ass unless you sit in one place
^Vegas could probably do it.

Adobe After Effects could for sure.

You don't need a green screen as long as you don't walk overlapping eachother.

Notice how they all occupy their own space on the screen, and never walk behind or in front of eachother?
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