hi all i just cant find at my local store any strings set higher than .01 .046 so can i use a 7 strings set .09 .054 and use only the last 6 strings excluding the .09 one fir law tunning ???
can i use a 7 strings set for a 6 strings guitar ????? i need thicker strings for down tunning and i cant find any at my local store
so can i use the 7 strings set and use the thickest 6 of them ??
You CAAAN, but you're wasting your money, when you can order "not even slinkies" online, 3 packs for like $10.

Edit: Which, I think, are .11 - .52, I think.
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Yes you can do it. If you have a floating trem you will have to do some adjustments on it to make it sit right, you'll also have to adjust your bridge height, and make sure you redo your intonation after changing the strings.

fret buzz and intonation will be killer after a jump in gauges.
fine.. so the strings guages now will be like .011 .016 .024 .032 .042 and .054 .. right ?? coz i already opened the pack
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Buy coloured DR's. I use the black .012 - .056. There meant for acoustic but there so heavy!!!
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its possible but u mite need to adjust some stuff like the nut, and the intonation
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I play in drop A and I use strings from a 7-string set. But, guitar must be re-adjusted.
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I do it, works smashingly- a 7-String Super Slinky set gives you an .011-guage skinny-top-heavy-bottom set with a wound G. Perfect.
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I would imagine you can but most manufacturers make strings specifically for drop tuning, for example- Ernie balls not even slinky or D'addario Extra heavy