I need help constructing a song, I want it to be Megadeth sounding. I already got one riff written up but clueless on others. I still need an intro, chorus, verse, already got the verse two, a breakdown, and a short solo. Thanks for the help and I hope I can post a question like this here. I'm into two note bar chords and fast palm muting, like:
5 000000

And so on. Thats just an example of what I like. I also need an outro too, thinking of doing the second verse as the outro. Thanks for the help if you don't mind giving it!

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Dude, this is something others can't really do for you. If you want Your Own song, then you write what you feel yourself. You can't let others portray your own emotions for you, since your emotions and feelings are unique for your self, others can't have a single clue on HOW you would tell this through your music.
if you want it to sound like Megadeth look at a bunch of their tabs. you'll probably notice certain tunings and notes/ chords, playing stlye, etc.. used quite frequently which contribute to their sound. Use that as a base point and build from there.

like above said, its hard for someone else to express YOURSELF when helping. You will end up with a bunch of different styles that arent yours. If you post what youve come up with so far it may be easier for people to help or give ideas/ advice.
megadeth is really bass-ey, a single guitar can't capture that sound, and its best to have your own tone, makes you an individual player, which is awesome!!!
YEAH!! and we can't help you write a song without royalties.... gimme some money!!!!
but really we can't help you.