So if I were to record a band, let's say two guitarists, a singer, bassist and drummer, pretty standard, what would be the best way to record it at home? I assume the singer would plug directly into an audio interface so that's easy.

Would the guitarists do the same? Plug their amp outs into the interface or should you mic up the amps? Would it be better to mic up a half stack or use a practice amps output to the interface? What about mic up the practice amp? The half stacks would need to push a lot of air to sound good so in a small room would it be bad to have them loud? The sound would vibrate off of the walls and the mic might have some trouble I think What would be the best way to get a good tone from the guitar players?

As for the bassist, would you do the same for him? I have no clue what the best way to record a drummer is using an acoustic kit. Hopefully I can get some info, I'm pretty much clueless here. If I ever actually need to record, I'm going to a studio but it's always good to know this stuff anyways.
what kind of setup do you have? how many inputs? what mics? everyone at once? or each instrument separately?

vocals: yeah you got it

guitars: if you can get the tone you want out of a smaller amp, that would be better for your ears sake. just mic it up.

bass: when bass is done right at a studio, it will probably have a mic on the cab, the line out from the amp, and a DI right off the bass. mix those together and if you cant get a decent tone, it's the wrong bass for the song.

drums: there's different techniques, but the "right" way for rock/metal is miking every drum (2 kick , 2 snare, 1 on each tom), hi hat and ride, 2 overheads, 2 room mics.
there are other ways to get a great sound out of an acoustic kit with 3-5 mics, but most rock/metal will need everything miked.
As a bare minimum for drums, mic this way:

1 Close Kick (SM57)
1 Close Snare (SM57)
2 Overhead (2 Small Condensers of your choice)

All the way up to a mic or two mics on everything.

As for guitar. Take a look at 3 things:

Is your amp a tube amp?
Is it made by a decent company? (Basically, not Bugera or not the 5 Watt Blackheart)
Do you have a good speaker cab? (Something that costs $500+)

If you answered No to any of those, its not going to sound good. You're better off using an amp simulator plugin (theres a thread here on it, take a look). If you said yes, get a good mic (an e609 is my personal choice or the SM57 is the fan favorite) and have fun.
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